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This collection of music was written by Nilly Brook, London born composer, digital artist/animator and performer. Two of the compositions from the playlist were used on the feature film The Lonely Musketeer, featuring Edward Hog and she was commissioned to create the music/sound scape for the rest of the film.


Nilly also performs as a solo electronic/IDM artist Obscenity State. You can find out more via her site and her Instagram. To hear her upcoming album due for release in Spring, click on this hidden link to the album.


Prior to writing the Rapture's vision material I wrote a collection of romantic classical pieces. These are just some from that body of work.

At the heart of Nilly's music is a longing to reconnect with a strength of spirit and cultural depth that has suffered from years of suppression. Of Iranian heritage, stemming from a persecuted minority, since childhood Nilly has yearned to see a clearer and truer reflection of a beautiful world she knew through her mother. Featuring the chants of an Iranian female locked inside Tehran’s infamous Evin prison, the music captures the relentless drive and determination to dig deeper within our hearts to restore humanity. Communicating that romantic desire, capturing both its strength and naivety is something that Nilly felt she could only achieve through the emotional landscape of this music. Alongside this album, Nilly has created a vast collection of audiovisual cinematic pieces for live performance, where the dramatic beauty of light submerge the audience deep within her vision. 

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